Cool Cat: Tyler Humphries

By: Hanson Lee

Name: Tyler Humphries

Bio: Tyler is sophomore student here at Central Washington University, and is currently majoring in the economics department. He is also a full-time student athlete, running for the CWU cross country team in the fall, the indoor track team during the winter time, and then for the track team during the spring time. In his free time, Tyler enjoys relaxing and hanging out with friends, and also enjoys participating in other sports such as basketball.

Where you can find Tyler: Tyler isn’t on campus for most of the day and when he is on campus, he is usually only there for his classes. That being said, the best place to find him is usually out on the track behind the pavilion, during the late afternoon, where he is most likely running in circles.

Dream job: Tyler doesn’t have a specific dream job in mind. His major dream in life, at this point in time, is graduate from college and find a job that he enjoys going to everyday. His dream is to also find a job that can secure him a comfortable lifestyle.

Fun Facts: Tyler is a member of both the CWU cross country team, and the CWU track and field team.