Cool Cat: Aaliyah Barnes

By: Yoo Young Lee

Nickname: Leah, Moo, or Mimo

Bio: 5th year, SUPER SENIOR! Music major with History minor--clarinet being her main instrument.

Things you should know about Aaliyah: She likes cats and cows, and have done taekwondo since she was four—third degree black belt. She recently discovered that she is a foodie. She is deeply interested in trying new food (very much influenced by her chef boyfriend ;) ). She has been to Korea and Canada, and when she was a kid, she lived in Germany. She does not travel as much as she wants to. She likes to hang out with friends, shopping and going home. Her spirit animal is a cat because they explore, eat, and seep. She is nice, funny, and sarcastic (only sometimes). She also makes good jokes and puns. On her free time, she likes to watch a number of different things on TV, including K-dramas.

Her Dream Job: Any jobs that she can be helpful to other people. Had she picked up the field of study, she would have wanted to become a museum curator.

You can find her here: Starbucks, Music building, or at her apartment watching TV.