Cool Cat: Haley Maphem 

By: Jonelle Lauer

Why you want to know this person: Haley is a junior in the theatre major specializing in light tech and design. Her dream job would be to do lighting design for a band or musical artist. One of Haley’s many passions is EDM music. She loves to go to raves with her boyfriend Dylan and be front and center head banging to the music. With her love of EDM came a new hobby: rave hooping. Haley spends a lot of time practicing new and different moves with her hula hoops and watching YouTube videos to learn more tricks.

If you want to see videos of her hooping you can check out her Facebook page.

Where you can find this person: You will usually find Haley at home with her boyfriend Dylan and her cat Kylo Ren practicing new hoop tricks in her garage. She also spends a lot of time in McConnell Hall in class or working on a lighting design for an upcoming student production.

Fun Facts

·      Haley has blue hair

·      She played the Trombone and did marching band in high school

·      She met the members of Pentatonix