Cool Cat: Hailey McGraw

By: Julia Moreno

Full name: Hailey McGraw

Why you should know Hailey:  Hailey recently joined the Roller City Roller Girls Derby team. She said she saw a poster for roller derby in the SURC. And at first she just wanted to go and watch then she said she decided in college she was going to try something new every year.

“This was my something new. I ended up loving it.” Hailey is also the president of the Student Art Club and is a sophomore graphic design major.

Favorite part of roller derby: “hitting people and I feel like a bad ass when I do roller derby.”

Roller Derby Name: “What the Hellvetica”

Fun facts: she can lick her elbow, she’s really good at hand lettering and photography.

Dream job: Her dream job is to own her own design business

Links: Follow the Roller City Roller Girls twitter: and follow the CWU Student Art Club on Instagram.