Cool Cat: Aujanique Doss

By: Eric Rosane

Bio: Aujanique, or Doss as she likes to be called, is a student athlete that loves running track. With that student athlete mental, she is also a very busy person that has learned to manage her time, and to balance her life with college. Her passion is working with kids and helping people with their problems. She hasn't yet decided quite yet what she wants to study, but it will have something to do with working with kids or even working with people and helping with their problems.

Where can people most likely find you?: “Someone can mostly find me at the gym shooting hoops, playing pickup games with a bunch of guys and being the few girls on the court that play,” Doss said. “Another place someone can find me is at the library doing homework or just easily getting distracted with my friends telling jokes about each other.”

“In five years from now I can see myself having a job, having my own place, and my own car. Also probably being with mr. right by then and just experiencing the independence that comes with paying for my own things,” Doss said.


What do you want to be remembered by?: “I want people to know me by the person that’s not about drama and is just very cool with everyone on campus. I also want people to have a positive connotation to my name, especially when it’s spoken, and not to have a negative one. Lastly, I want people to know me as someone that is good at basketball and fast at track.” Doss said.


Why should people want to know you?: “People should want to know me because I am a very sociable and nice person. I love to make people laugh and feel good about there self also give them confidence! In addition, I’m also the kind of person that will be there when someone needs someone to talk to when they're feeling low.” Doss said.

What’s your motto?: “My motto is everything happens for a reason and it is what it is. The reason is because everything is in the hands of God. That’s what makes me feel better about anything that comes my way in life.” Doss said.

What’s your schedule usually like?: “I start of my week with going to church and cleaning my room. Then, during the weekday, in the morning I listening to music and get ready for class. I also get a donut and orange juice or an Italian soda. Then later that day I might shoot hoops around for a little before my class or even track practice. After practice I usually go to study hall then if I have any time I go play basketball again.” Doss said.