Cool Cat: Matthew Schrenk

By: Megan Schrenk

Name: Matthew Schrenk, but I prefer Matt.

Year: Sophomore

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: I love running, playing soccer and cooking (I should have been a chef, no lie)

Favorite Food: My homemade fish tacos! Specifically fried cod wrapped in a corn tortilla with melted cheddar, served with pico de gallo, lettuce and chipotle ranch on top. It's literally mouthgasmic and I am still selling it short. 

What Iā€™m looking forward to about summer: The best part about summer is the lack of urgency that is so commonly associated with the school year. In short, summer is relaxing when compared with the latter school year simply because there is nothing particularly stressful to do.

What makes Matt amazing: What makes me amazing? A grand personality and a cute smile. Plus an adorable dog to shave the edge off my less than desirable sides. Sarcasm aside, patience would be a major virtue that I possess.