Cool Cat: Andrew Spoor

By: Mackenzie Trotter

Full name: Andrew Spoor

Goes byAndrew

Why you want to know this person: Andrew Spoor is an amateur guitarist who dabbles on the bass, as well. Music has always been a huge part of his life as he was in his first band at the age of 10. Currently he writes his own music and jams with friends when he has the time. His dream is to make a living playing music. Spoor also has a love for the written word which is why he is currently majoring in English Language and Literature here at Central.

Where you can find Andrew:  He can almost always be found somewhere near the language and literature building on campus. If you see a guy sporting a band tee with a Mario backpack, then it’s 100 percent Andrew Spoor.

Fun Facts

·       Taught himself how to play guitar at age eight

·       “I could happily watch the movie Predator five times in a row in a single sitting.”

·       Actually obsessed with chocolate and cheeseburgers (not together, though)

·       “I was voted best hair in high school but now I just shave my head with bare clippers. (It’s a phase.)”