Cool Cat: Austin Raver

Why do you want to know this person?

Austin has an understanding of the world in a way that is all his own. His desire to be constantly learning and evolving is what makes him stand out. When he isn’t working diligently as a student director, he’s acquiring more skills as a performing artist, musician and craftsman. His passion for creating is met with an immense amount of drive. Just recently he built a Hawaiian War Club from scratch, which was met with approval from a native as well as other peers. His ability to pick up on skills has landed him many opportunities, one of which is this summer in Seattle, Washington doing puppetry.

The reason you want to get to know Austin is because his tenacity and free-spirit is contagious.


Where can you find this person?

When he is not crafting from home or making the occasional commute to Spokane, you can find him working as a student director in various performances spaces on-campus. 


By: Angelica Bartorelli