Cool Cat: Madysen Owens

Your passions, aspirations and favorite things to do:

"I have many passions and fun things i like to do in life. Those being my family, God, [and art. My hobbies are riding horses, traveling, off-roading... Pretty much anything to do with being in the outdoors. Also, I am the 2016 Ellensburg Rodeo Queen, so I am very passionate about horses and rodeo as well."


Where can we find you online?

"I do not have a blog, nor am I active on twitter. But, Instagram and Facebook is where you can find me. I have recently been in-charge of running the social media for my family business, Owens Meats. Social media for Owens Meats so-far only includes Yelp and Facebook."


Your dream job:

"In the future, I plan to take over my family business in the meat industry [Owens Meats] with my sister."


By: Brielle Rutledge