Cool Cat: Malika Kolthida

By: Zena-Marie Acholonu

About: Malika is a sophomore at Central Washington University and a Vancouver, Washington transplant. The 5” Cambodian beauty decided to attend CWU on a whim, now she’s changing lives one invite at a time.

Nickname: Mal

Why you should know Malika: Growing up in a Cambodian-American household, Malika was raised with inclusive and family-influenced values. This has led her to be a loving, adventurous and warm person. If you don’t introduce yourself first, she’ll beat you to it.

“I just love to love everybody,” she said. Malika invites every new friend she meets to her quaint Brooklane apartment. She takes initiative when it comes to making new friends, inviting new people to her home is how she welcomes others into her life.

Her likeable, bubbly and calm personality, coupled with her diverse background has lead others to find her highly approachable.

“I like having at least one thing I love about everybody,” said Malika.

“I think I’m creative. . .creativity isn’t if you can just draw and stuff. . .it’s about what the person can do that they find interesting or unique,” Malika said.

Fun Fact: Standing at 5 feet tall, the former ice skater has wandered from the ice, but has kept the diligence and persistence all ice skaters have. “I’m such a clumsy person but, the moment I get on the ice I’m so graceful. . .how ironic that I’m clumsy and an ice skater.”

Where you can find her: If the weather is nice, catch her outside by the waves.

Instagram: @malikakmom