Cool Cat: Jose Marin

Nickname:  Kike (short for Enrique)


Born in Mexico, Marin moved here with his family when he was in the second grade. At a young age he was instilled with a love of teaching and a want to help people live healthier lives. He is currently a junior Physical Education and Student Health major. In the future he would love to stick around and teach and at his old high school: Kittitas.


Why you should know Jose:

Marin is one of the busiest guys out there, but is still always looking for some fun. Between homework, coaching wrestling and track at Kittitas High School and working graveyards at Fred Meyer he still finds time to do things he loves: soccer, frisbee golf, really anything outside, and video games. If you ever need a fun workout or a pick-up game of soccer, this is the guy to go to.


Where to find him:

He can be found practicing soccer at Mountain View Park, frequenting The Soup Bowl or Campus or at whatever meet he is coaching at.


By: Racquel Rollins