PULSE Radio Ep. 2: Award Of Excellence Goes To Pulse Magazine!


We’re back at it for the second show of PULSE Radio this Friday! Earlier this week, we spoke with EIC Bailey Williams and Social Media/Online Coordinator, Brielle Rutledge and their most recent accomplishment for Pulse Magazine: Region 10 winner for the Mark of Excellence Award for the Fall Issue 2, “We Get It, You Vape”. As Editor-In-Chief overseeing the production of the ‘Vape issue, Rutledge couldn’t have been more impressed with the outcome of the issue.

“I felt really proud. It was my first quarter [as EIC] and it was really stressful. But looking at it, it really just shows hard work pays off and I think that is really important going forward in other issues.” - Brielle Rutledge, former Pulse EIC

Congratulations to all the Pulse magazine writers and staff on the award!

Also this week, we’ve got Tayler Schaindlin, returning lead photographer for Pulse and writer of “Bow To the Brow”, a historical, yet sassy evolution of the bushy eyebrows from Winter Issue 2, Bound By Passion.

And just as a sneak-peek right before Spring quarter issue 1 is released April 28th, we’re going to have rookie Pulse writer and 88.1 The ‘Burg sports member, Rachel Greve at the end of the hour sharing with us her desire to write about Burt’s Bees new ‘B-less’ campaign ‘To Bring Back the Bees’.

So, what story will inspire YOU to write the next one??

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