PULSE Radio Ep. 7: Cruelty-Free Products...

Less than a week until Pulse, Spring Issue 2 comes out online and we couldn’t be more excited! Speaking of Issue 2, on this week’s show, we’re highlighting some upcoming stories in our newest issue.

We’ll have Pulse EIC, Bailey Williams in giving us the inside-scoop on what more to expect in the upcoming issue and why she says, “All of our writers are so unique. All of them are so different and I think that’s what makes Pulse, from front to back, so unique.”

Painlessly Pretty

As consumers, we don’t acknowledge the ingredients in our makeup products, cleaning supplies, even toothpaste. Rachel Greve, 88.1 The ‘Burg broadcaster and writer of “Painlessly Pretty” (pg. TBD) exposes some of the pitfalls we as the consumers face when ignoring the cruelty-free aspect of products. Local makeup producers and enthusiast share their thoughts on cruelty-free products. For Greve, this topic was important to her and encouraged her to always check the back of labels for that cruelty-free bunny or PETA approval. Here ultimate goal for the readers: “…when it’ s all said and done it comes down to one thing: the animals.” For more on Rachel’s story, stay tuned for PULSE Radio Friday at 1:30 pm on KCWU-FM, 88.1 The ‘Burg!

Read Greve’s latest story, “Save the Bees” in Spring Issue 1 on pg. 44 right HERE!

The Work of Our Designers

As a magazine, we rely on our designers to creative appealing visuals to accompany our stories and draw in our readers’ interest, whether on the cover or between the pages. They use our photographers’ or writers’ photos or design elements from scratch to create appealing graphics. Our designers are always thinking outside-of-the-box and trying out new ideas in the magazine. Our last issue of Pulse, cover photo by Jack Lambert and designed by Mackenzie Loete, really got our readers’ attention and even had use ordering more copies because so many people wanted to take the issue home with them!

We’ll talk with assistant graphic designer, Vanessa Cruz and possibly additional designers at Pulse magazine on the creative process of designing a 60+ page magazine!

Tune in Friday at 1:15pm to hear our designers!

Coo-Coo For Coconut Oil

Coconut is incredibly delicious in smoothies, cookie dough and homemade dark chocolate. But isn’t it crazy how some people even use it as hair moisturizers or as lotions?! Simone Corbett, Central Newswatch reporter, Pulse copy editor and writer of “Coo-Coo for Coconut Oil” (pg. TBD) explains why the trendy, tropical oil is so popular. One surprising thing she found out is coconut oil is actually incredibly good for your intestines!

Stay tuned to hear more on the health benefits and fashion fads of coconut oil at 1:45pm on PULSE Radio!

Read Simon’s latest story on all things Kale goodness “What the Kale” (pg. 56) in Spring Issue 1 right HERE!

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