PULSE Radio Ep. 6: Hot New Jam, Instagram 101...

Improvising on Campus

This week on the show, Associate Editor and writer of “The Hot New Jam” (pg. 40) Angelica Bartorelli will join us as she shares Central’s inviting improv troupe, Hot New Jam. Bartorelli, a former Theatre major at Central, had been really familiar with the improv troupe since 2013 and wanted to share with Pulse readers how fun and inviting their skits can be. The improv group has sessions every Friday from 4-6pm for those who want to get involved!

Instagram 101:

Social Media is incredibly important for growing a business, connecting artists with their fans and just expressing what you love! But sometimes even the digital generation of 20+ year-olds don’t know how to master their exposure on social media and gain more followers. Pulse photographer and writer of  “Instagram 101”, Tayler Shaindlin wrote five easy steps to growing your presence on Instagram–it definitely involves taking it easy on the hashtags! We’ll talk with Shaindlin not only about Instagram and her success of growing 6.5K followers, but how other media platforms have helped her and her work, i.e. Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

Library Shenanigans:

Some of us may notice when we go to the library to hammer out four hours of studying, there can be unique individuals at the library that may make our experience that more memorable, or painful. From the ones who are obsessed with hogging an entire table for themselves or bring the loudest snacks; those types of people can fall into the list of “Frightful Five” (pg. 9). Writer, Raquel Rollins will share possibly what category of Frightful Five YOU may fall under.

How is PULSE different?

On the last episode of PULSE radio, Nicole Valli shared with us a few travel articles that helped her write her travel story in Spring Issue 1, “Why Not To Travel ” (pg. 22) and being aware of how and when is the best way to travel. For this week, she’ll give us an insight of what kind of writing other college magazine are doing and how it compares to our style of print journalism. We’re excited to see just how different and unique Pulse magazine in print and online formats!

That’s all coming up on this week’s PULSE Radio! Stay tuned for our show airing Friday from 1-2pm on 88.1 The ‘Burg!

Guest lineup for Ep. 6, May 20th:

  Angelica Bartorelli- assoc. editor and writer of “The Hot New Jam” (pg. 40) at 1pm

  Taylor Shaindlin- photographer and writer of “Instagram 101″(pg. 8)  at 1:15pm

  Racquel Rollins- writer of “Frightful Five” (pg. 9) at 1:30pm

  Nicole Valli- asst. editor, writer and PULSE Radio inside reporter at 1:45pm

So, what story will inspire YOU to write the next one?

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