PULSE Radio Ep. 5: Central Goes Bald For...

PULSE magazines are available all across campus, so don’t forget to grab one. Our EIC, Bailey Williams was so excited, she grabbed a couple!

Issue 1 “Central Goes Bald For Cancer” now available.

Central Goes Bald For Cancer:

It’s not an easy task to shave one’s head, but it’ll be worth it with a cause behind the motive. Onalee Duhrkoop, staff photographer and writer of “Central Goes Bald For Cancer” attended the St. Baldrick’s cancer fundraiser at CWU on April 15th. Duhrkoop had one little girl in mind as the clippers turned on and her head was completely shaved.  That little girl along with many children have been battle a form of cancer in the U.S. and this troubling thought was something Duhrkoop had to write about.

You can catch her story along with a large photo-spread of the participants at the St. Baldrick’s event in Spring Issue 1, pgs. 26-31 and also on this week’s PULSE Radio episode from 1-2pm.

Romping Around Eburg:

Photography is a tool to tell a story in just one image, or in our case many images. Although photography can be really fun, sometimes it takes a bit of walking around and awkward angles to get the right snapshot. Staff photographers Jack Lambert and Tayler Shaindlin share with PULSE Radio some of their project experiences, in particular the shared photo-spread of “Ellensburg Charm” (pg. 18), “Save the Bees” (pg. 44) and more!

Additional Guest May 13:

  Robin Thaermert, Pulse writer for “Love Your Melon: Central Edition” and Courtney Bowen, an ambassador for LYM at CWU. (pg. 32)

  Onalee Duhrkoop, Pulse photographer and writer of spotlight, “Central Goes Bald For Cancer” (pg. 26)

  Jack Lambert and Tayler Shaindlin, Pulse staff photographers

  Nicole Valli, Pulse copy editor, PULSE Radio inside reporter and writer of “Why Not to Travel” (pg. 22)

So, what story from Pulse magazine will inspire YOU to write the next one?

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