PULSE Radio Ep. 4: New Printed Issue!

PULSE magazine is now available in physical form!

You can find the printed issue of Spring Issue 1: Central Goes Bald for Cancer (pg. 26) available on newsstands and coffee shops across campus! #PULSEradio will be chatting with EIC, Bailey Williams on all the excitement for the new issue as well as what to expect in their second and final issue for Spring quarter.

Wildcats on the Web:

It’s not too often that Ellensburg is featured on national television, but thanks to Trenton Johnson’s awesome dodgeball play during an intramural game earlier this year, Drew Wallen was there to catch all the action and send it to his contact at Sports Center. Not much later, Johnson and Wallen’s video appeared on SC’s Top 10 list.

In addition to dodgeball fame, additional wildcats who got there 10 seconds of fame is Marcus Schemmelfennig and his comical cannonball in the snow; sadly  he didn’t really make a splash. And there is just something interesting about how CWU used to generate student email addresses. Unfortunately for Megan Finger, he email address was unexpected and shall we say, inappropriate.

Stay tuned on today’s show to hear from the writers of “Wildcats on the Web” (pg. 10) with Bailee Wicks and Racquel Rollins on PULSE Radio!

Guest for May 6th, Friday 1-2pm:

   Bailey Williams, Pulse EIC and writer of “Saving the Animals” (pg. 34)

   Nicole Valli-Trejo, staff writer of “Why Not to Travel” (pg. 24)

   Bailee Wicks and Racquel Rollins, staff writers of “Wildcats on the Web” (pg. 10)

   Simone Corbett, copy editor and staff writer of  “What the Kale” (pg. 56)

So, what story from Pulse magazine will inspire YOU to write the next one?

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Written by: Mandi Ringgenberg