PULSE Radio Ep. 3: The Art of Chase Grover

Pulse Magazine Spring Issue 1 is now available online; go check it out, right… here!!

Big things are happening with student media around Central’s campus; Pulse writers, photographers and designers took it to a whole new level this quarter in preparing their newest issue. Onalee Duhrkoop said “so-long, farewell” to her locks as she participated in St. Baldrick’s charity event to shave her head in support of child cancer research.

Pulse took to the internet to find some local celebrities who gained their 24 hours of fame with ridiculous email user names or mastering the art-of-execution in a dodgeball play in “Wildcats on the Web” (pg. 10). Also, kale got it’s spotlight with a trendy spread of how it trumps any competing greens in “What the Kale” (sorry spinach) (pg. 56) and the fashionable, yet purposefully brand, Love Your Melon has a supportive group of student ambassadors on Central’s campus spreading the good philosophy LYM and featured in “Love Your Melon” (pg. 32).

All of those and more are great stories to check out in the new issue, but let’s talk about the stories for this week’s PULSE Radio show that deserve some spotlight…

Grad Art Student Passes Away

Chase Grover, a graduate student pursing his Masters in Fine Arts in ceramics at Central, recently passed away due to a heart complication. He touched many hearts within the department and truly inspired all the student he worked with. One of his students and Pulse Magazine designer, Vanessa Cruz was particularly inspired by Grover’s sense of teaching and influencing his students.

“But giving up an idea is not what Chase taught me; now [my doodles are] more than just a distracting method–they serve as reminders to keep doing what I love doing no matter how difficult it may be sometimes. Life is too short and fragile to do otherwise,” Cruz says about her interaction with Grover. You can find her heartfelt and uplifting story, along with Grover’s artwork on pgs. 14-17 in the Spring Issue 1 of Pulse Magazine.

Let’s Save Some Animals

Now that it’s spring time, Pulse has an abundance of spring time photo collections around Ellensburg. And what’s the Ellensburg culture like without photos of some cute farm animals?! Well, since you asked, EIC and contributing writer, Bailey Williams covered a story about a colleague and fellow Central student, Christina White who in addition to working at Fred Myers with Williams, also saves farm animals whose lives have been in jeopardy due to being sold for slaughter houses or simply saw an animal in need at a local human society. White’s story can be found on pgs. 34-39 of the Spring Issue 1.

Last Episode highlight: Save the Bees

Previously, we interviewed Rachel Greve about the threat of extinction for bees around the world. Luckily, the cosmetic and body/health brand, Burt’s Bees has started a campaign called, “Save the Bees” in response to the possible extinction of bees. After seeing a tweet about the campaign from a Grey’s Anatomy actor, Greve decided to write about the hard-working insects that essentially help us grow anything and everything, from cocoa plants to sweet potatoes and cotton. You can check out here interview here and as well in the Spring Issue 1 (pg. 44).

This week on Ep. 3 of PULSE Radio:

Friday, April 29th 1-2pm on 88.1 The ‘Burg:

   Bailey Williams, EIC of Pulse Magazine and writer of “Save the Animals”

   Ashtynn Mann, copy editor and writer of “Why Girls Love Bad Boys”

   Vanessa Cruz, graphic designer and writer of “Chase Grover”

   Tanner Chambers, “Sasquatch Gems” and “Pulse 8: The Frights”

So, what story from Pulse magazine will inspire YOU to write the next one?

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Written by: Mandi Ringgenberg