Cool Cat: Meghan Gilbert

By: Mackenzie Trotter  

Cool Cat: 

  • Meghan Gilbert  

Why you want to know this person: 

  • Meghan is a graduate student at Central pursuing a Master of Science in experimental psychology. She also has a Bachelor of Arts from CWU in psychology and a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary studies of social sciences, which included a specialization in cultural studies and research. 

  • For the past two years she has worked as the graduate assistant for the Office of Undergraduate Research and played a huge role in the success of CWU SOURCE 

  • Meghan is both a scholar and an artist. She has a passion for research and statistics but is also a professional photographer. She photographs various subjects from travel and portraits to graduation and fashion. Wherever her lens is pointed, Meghan has an eye for catching amazing shots of both people and places.   

Where you can find this person: 

Meghan has an online portfolio of her photography that can be found here:  


Also, this August, Meghan will be travelling to Dublin, Ireland to volunteer with the nonprofit organization, Project Fun Direction. This will be her second summer travelling abroad to research and help teach physical literacy to inner-city youth in Ireland.