Cool Cat: Ericka Arellanes-Rios

By Anakaren Garcia 

Cool Cat: Ericka Arellanes-Rios  

Nickname: Beans 

Why you want to get to know this person: Ericka is a transfer CWU senior getting her degree in sociology with a minor in philosophy. She is set to graduate in the Fall of 2019. When Ericka transferred to CWU her junior year, she was considered a traditional student. But as summer rolled around she became a non-traditional student by becoming both a mom and a wife. Ericka now commutes to and from school every day, some of her days lasting longer than others. Her husband, Juan, stays at home to take care of their daughter, six-month-old Isabelle Luna, who Ericka couldn't be more obsessed with.   

Where you can find Ericka: You can always find Ericka at home with her family or at the park taking a stroll when the weather is nice.  

Ericka’s Personal Goals: 

  • To be the best wife and mother she can possibly be while also being able to take care of and better herself. 

Ericka’s Career Goals: 

  • Get a job at a law firm as a legal assistant or receptionist to get the experience she needs before entering law school to become a family lawyer.  

Fun Facts About Ericka: 

  • She has a birth mark on her neck that looks like a hickey and she’s been judged her whole life because of it. 

  • She had a tooth knocked out of her mouth once, but it didn’t matter too much because she was born with an extra tooth so when she got her teeth fixed with braces it looks as if nothing ever happened.