Cool Cat: Sam Kader

Cool Cat: Samuel Kader

By: Georgi Halverson

Goes by: Sam

Why you want to know Sam: Sam is a junior here at Central Washington University and is majoring in both Business Management and Marketing. Sam is a driven and motivated individual who got tired of not being able to find a job here in Ellensburg, so he started his own business. He is the founder and owner of a restaurant and grocery delivery service called Ellensburg Delivered.

Where you can find Sam: Sam can be found at many of his partnered businesses such as Teriyaki Wok, Perkins and Monster Melts, completing deliveries or at When Sam’s not working, you can find him studying hard in the library, walking his boxer around campus or working on his physique at the local Cross-Fit gym.

Fun Facts:

Sam became the parent of his boxer, Ella, two summers ago while interning in Texas when he found her at his worksite. Ella was in rough shape so he took her to the Humane Society and they let him adopt her by the end of the summer.

After growing up in Southern California and moving to Seattle, there has always been an abundance of fish in Sam’s diet, so he is a big fan of sushi.

Sam loves cars and has owned a few different ones through the years. His favorite was his BMW.