Cool Cat: Allison Larew

By: Mackenzie Trotter  


Full name: Allison Larew 

Goes by: Allison, Miss Allison, or Al. 

Why you want to know this person: Allison Larew is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a minor in literacy. She’s involved in the Christian student organization SALT and currently holds the position of vice president of the Central Word Club. Allison is an outdoorsy person who loves to go for hikes and scenic rides in the woods, but her main passion is teaching.  

Where you can find Allison:You can almost always find her in Black Hall studying or working with kids at the local elementary schools. If you don’t find her in either of those places then she’s definitely out in nature, soaking up the beauty of the PNW. 

Fun Facts about Allison: 

·       Plays both the piano and the trumpet 

·       Can eat her weight in spaghetti  

·       Has been to Disneyland eight times and Disneyworld twice 

·       Epic chocolate chip cookie baker