Cool Cat: Olivia Eaker

By: Ryley Bruun

A reason why Olivia came to Central is because “the faculty and staff here put in extra effort to help make college possible for me.” Olivia also attended the Experience Leadership Project (ELP) the week before the official start of fall quarter—she also got to move into her room early and meet other ELPers.


“It is well, and always will be well” is one of Olivia’s life mottos, and along with her top three traits of being genuine, kind, and sassy, there is nothing in her way that can prevent her from grasping her dreams.


As for next year, Olivia —who also goes by Liv— will be a resident assistant. She also plans on taking more swimming classes—as those are her favorite classes— and to build a strong community within her residence hall.


Some fun facts about Liv include: If she could go back in time, she would go to when she was born to see her parents reaction —as parents can tell you how they felt but it is not the same as being there.


Her favorite joke: “What do you call a cow with now legs? Ground beef.”

Favorite song type: Sad songs —like Miley Cyrus’s Ready Set, Don’t Go


Really hates lying, and takes pinky promises really seriously—has never broken a pinkie promise

Loves going to the 1891 Bistro and getting ice cream—especially Gary Dough.