Cool Cat: Sierra Halstead

By: Elizabeth Weddle

About Sierra: Sierra Halstead is the perfect mixture of girly, with a touch of tomboy. She just goes by Sierra, but don’t let that simple name fool you. She lives an adventurous life outside of school. While major in Law and Justice with a minor in Political Science, Sierra plans to become a badass cop one day in the state of Washington.

Why Should You Know Her: Sierra loves doing and getting her nails done, but she is not afraid to play in the dirt either. She works at a ranch in Cle Elm taking care of 25 horses and was a part of the Equestrian team and CWU. However, between work and school, she likes to spend her time at Fiorito fishing with friends and she loves her guns. She owns a pink .22 rifle to show her girly side, while also showcasing her black 30-06 rifle on the side. Sierra also loves to cook homemade food such as pies and deliciously good dinners. She also loves bread, specifically French Baggett’s. Sierra has been a part of the College Republic club and is the Public Relations officer for the club.

So if your into politics, fishing and shooting guns, eating food and love to do girly things like nails, Sierra is your girl to go to.