Cool Cat: Nenay Norawong

By: Lexi Phillips

Bio: With a personality that exudes energy and positivity, Nenay hails from Puyallup, Wash., but originally grew up in the San Francisco area. As a CWU senior, he studies public relations with a minor in project management.

Where you can find him: Because of his busy schedule, Nenay is often running all around campus all day. However, if he’s not in class, you can probably find him working in the Asian University America Program office, practicing in the dance studio, or playing volleyball in the rec center. After his busy day, though, Nenay likes to wind down at home by cooking his “man catching” recipes, as he calls them.

Dream job: Nenay’s dream is to be working in the music industry. “I wanna chase Beyoncé,” he says, going on to explain that she’s a long-time inspiration of his.

On-campus involvement: In his years here, Nenay has done a plethora of work around campus. Currently, he works as the office assistant for the AUAP; however, his involvement goes all the way back to his freshman year, when he served as RHLC President of Kamola Hall. Since then, he’s worked as an orientation leader for the 2015 summer orientations as well as the past two Wildcat Welcome Weekends, and worked with the CLCE as an Experience Leadership Project leader.

The Disney Experience: In April of 2016, Nenay began an internship at Disneyworld. “The obvious reason was because, at the time … I didn’t really know what my direction was in life, and so having that internship really showed me what’s out there for me, [and] what I can do. It’s really defined my goals,” he says. Another reason for doing it was the experience: “I didn’t wanna become complacent in just staying here for three years, and I wanted an adventure. So, why not pack your bags up, cross the country on your own, and just have that whole internship?” However, a simple internship in quick service (Disney’s version of ‘fast food’) soon turned into something more: after attending an audition, Nenay’s role was changed to ‘performer,’ and he was a character performer for 10 months.

Life philosophy: Being such an exuberant and driven person, it’s only expected that Nenay would have wonderful life advice. “The way I describe life is, in all caps, ‘MAKE IT YOUR BITCH,’” he says. Nenay holds himself to a high standard, striving to be the best lover, friend, and student. “I am the best, but according to myself.” Along with this, he follows his own saying: “’When there’s a Nenay, there’s a way’; that really means that there’s always another direction you can take. For me, hearing the word ‘no’ is not an answer—it’s a direction.” This is clear when looking at all Nenay has done and is still doing, striving to learn and experience as much as he can. “I’m always looking for the next thing—I’m always trying to grow and better myself. And I emphasize that a lot of where I am today is through the hard work that I’ve done.”

The next five years: In five years, Nenay sees himself back in Orlando, still working for Disney. However, he also hopes to be working in the music industry as well.