Cool Cat: Maddie Bogart

By: Simone Corbett

About: Maddie Bogart is a sophomore from Mukilteo, Washington majoring in elementary education.

Nickname: Maddog

Why you should know Maddie: This summer, Maddie is going to India with an organizationcalled WE, where she’ll be building schools and working with women empowerment groups.When Maddie was in high school, she helped raise $11,000 to build a school in India. Now, twoyears later, she is finally going to India to build a school and work on site with an organizationshe is so passionate about. Maddie is also a junior counselor at Mt. Adams, a high schoolleadership camp where delegates are taught servant leadership.

Dream job: Since kindergarten Maddie has dreamed of being a teacher. However, she says shewould like to be a superintendent one day because she loves politics.

Fun fact: Maddie has played the bassoon for six years. This year will be her tenth year in band.In fact, when asked how many instruments she’s played, Maddie chuckled and had to take aminute to remember. Throughout her time in band she’s played nine instruments including theclarinet and barisax.

Where you can find her: “At my house because I’m literally only on campus for my classes.” Inbetween Netflix and homework, Maddie fulfills her passion for politics through the collegedemocrats club on campus. You can also follow her on Twitter: @maddiebogart or onInstagram: @baddiemogart.