Cool Cat: Macie Conaway

By: Bailee Wicks

Name: Macie Conaway (One in the red shirt in the picture)

Bio: Ever see the quiet girl around school, but decided to not to get to know her? Well, you’re missing out.Macie is shy when it comes to strangers, but outgoing, hilarious, and witty when you start talking to her. She is an EWU sophomore transfer student with a double major in Elementary Education and MiddleLevel Math. In her free time she enjoys hiking, eating pizza, watching Netflix, watching movies starring either Channing Tatum or Zac Efron, and traveling.

Where you will find Macie: The best public place to find Macie is at Claim, her work. Other than that, she would be most commonly found in her apartment, but she hopes you won’t actually find her there because “that would be creepy”.

Fun Facts:

“I have been slapped by a squirrel.”

A self-proclaimed “basic ass bitch.”

“I can fit 27 double bubble bubblegum in my mouth and that gave me TMJ [locking jaw], but I am still proud of it.”

“I am a pro forward only roller bladder.”

“The only bone I have broken is my toe. The little toe next to the pinkie one.”

My Dream:“My dream is to have lots of pet goats and a caring husband. It would also be nice to be able to afford tobuy coffee every day.”