Cool Cat: Sofia Fischer

Story By: Elizabeth Weddle


Fischer is a business administration major with a specialization in Human Resources. She did running start in high school and is in her third year at Central with a junior standing. Fischer plans to graduate in the Spring of 2018. 



Pickle – mom and dad nickname because sometimes she can be sweet then sour. Couch or Sofa - nicknames from friends because she loves to take naps, and would always fall asleep on the couch.


Why should you know Sofia

She can’t whistle or cross her eyes, but she is a firm believer she has a real life coffee addiction.


Where you can find Sofia

She works all year round at the Kittitas Valley Event Center, in which she works full-time in the summer as fair staff. She loves fair time during the summer, but says it’s crazy busy. When she isn’t at work or school, she’s taking her sweet spotted pit-bull, Ivy, to the dog park.