Cool Cat: Megan Gathany

By: Jessica Griffin


Megan is from Yelm, Washington and is a sophomore in the Music Education Major, with oboe as her main instrument.


Dream Job:

Music and teaching are Megan’s biggest passions. “I would love to write and make music professionally, but at the end of the day, I want to teach more than anything. “



To match her career goals, music and children are what inspire Megan the most, reminding her at the end of the day what she’s working for. Her faith is also one of Megan’s biggest inspirations, “I've found that there isn't much reason to not be filled with joy in every situation, because I have been so loved by God and have such a strong calling to love others. “



Aside from playing music, Megan also loves to craft, sew, and write in her spare time. When she gets a break from schoolwork, she loves to create things.


Where You Can Find Her:

As one of her creative outlets, Megan has a blog: On campus, you can usually find her in the music building, 1891 Bistro, or “anywhere that there is coffee.”