Cool Cat: Jordan Kurz

Story By: Megan Schrenk


Nothing makes for a more interesting, engaging person than one who has spent time in the military. Jordan spent four years as a Navy officer which allowed him to see parts of the world some only dream of. He spent time in China, Japan and the Middle East helping his fellow military branches.


Once his time serving abroad came to an end, Jordan eventually made his way up to Washington state where he grew up. Moving to Yakima, he became a personal trainer with the Yakima Athletic Club while also enrolling at Central Washington University. Declaring his major in Exercise Science, he dreams to one day own his own gym in the Seattle area.


Jordan is also a motivation to us all, he aspires to become a professional physique competitor in the future. He will take to the stage for the first time on April 22 during the Emerald Classic. You can follow his fitness journey on his Instagram page: