Cool Cat: Jessica Murillo-Rosales

By: Annika Lynch


Jessica Murillo-Rosales is a Masters Student here at Central. Her hometown is East Wenatchee, Washington. Also she sometimes goes by Jess, but usually Jessica. 


Why You Should Know Karly Jo:

After graduating last year with Bachelors in Sociology. The reason why she chose sociology as her Bachelors is because she had a lot of questions about life, but wanted to know the cause of certain predicaments. With sociology, she started to understand that there are a lot of variables that make up an ideology or perception of reality. Then she was accepted into the Masters of Higher Education program here at Central and will be graduating this summer. She feels as this program is online, it helps incredibly when it comes to traveling for business meetings or academic conferences. As for getting a Masters in Higher Education it had a lot to do with her involvement at Central. When it came time to graduate as an undergraduate, she decided that not only would she want to pursue a master's, but she would like to be in a position that can help students get admitted to college as well as help them find resources so they can stay in college. Jessica feels as though she had an amazing support group during my 4 years, so she would like to give back.


What is Her Dream Job:

Short term she wants a job as an Academic Advisor. Long term she would like to go into policy making with an emphasis on Higher Education.


 Where You Can Find Her:

Jessica Murillo-Rosales can be found usually in the SURC.