Cool Cat: Yoo Young Lee

Everyone at Central has something cool and unique about them in some way.  Pulse Magazine wants to shine the light on those unique individuals to get their story. Ever see a smiling face in the

Yoo Young Lee is a bright young junior majoring in public relations here at Central Washington University. Originally, Young Lee is from South Korea. She traveled to America in the middle of her high school career where she met her host family in Moses Lake Washington.

She came to Central because she had heard about it and knew it was the closest college to home. I just wanted to be close to home; at least in America. I was very familiar with the school because of my friends. I really like the environment. I don’t like big cities. “ Young Lee says.

“I am majoring in public relations and I chose it because public relations give you a lot of options to choose from. Everywhere you go, you need public relations. I like people. I like to see the way people think. In public relations, you need to know how to reach people in an effective way.”

After college, Yoo Young Lee wants to go back to Korea. She also plans to travel the world before she settles down into her career.


As one can conclude, Yoo Young Lee has her goals set out and she has the drive accomplish them.  Young Lee is just one of the amazing Cool Catz here at Central Washington University . 


By: Meagan Sullivan