Cool Cat: Meagan Curtis


Megan Curtis is a freshman at Central, majoring in Graphic Design and plays for the women’s rugby team. She chose Central mainly due to the rugby program; being one of the best in the nation and competing at a high level and standard, has helped her to improve her game and passion she has for the sport.


Why you should know Meagan:

Curtis is artistic, fulfilled with life, positivity, and as well a badass rugby player. Only being a freshman at Central, Curtis is a stand out both on and off the field- she’s relentless and a perfectionist.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t an easy road in the beginning for Curtis. Upon arriving to Central she was recovering from an injury, which if you’re an athlete you know it’s never a fun position to be in. Although, once winter had hit she quickly came back, and boy was it a sight to see. In a matter of weeks Curtis dominated the field; she plays with grace and flow as if she were born to tackle and run up and down the field and no matter the circumstance she always has a smile on her face and beams with energy

And don’t think her talent is only on the pitch- she’s an artist as well. Ever since she was little she saw art as a way to release her thoughts and express herself in ways words had seemed to lack. Her love of drawing now consumes her- spending weeks at a time perfecting a piece down to the lines and colors.


Current Projects:

Curtis is currently working on a tattoo for herself. The effort and work for the tattoo has been extremely tedious, she says that it requires a lot of detail, so she has been perfecting it for months.


Where you can find Meagan:

When her days aren’t consumed with school, rugby, or putting work into her designs Curtis can be found off campus with her teammates because, “they’re lit.”

By: Nicole Trejo-Valli