Cool Cat: Lindsey Kamphuis


Lindsey is from Kennewick, Washington and is a junior special education who is minoring in psychology. Lindsey is a former athlete here at Central and now spends her free time at CrossFit or outdoors with her dogs.

Why you should know Lindsey:

Lindsey is passionate about animals and has two rescue dogs of her own, Honey and Rashaad. In the past she has also owned a miniature Juliana pig named pepper. She feels that by adopting pets and giving them a loving home that she is making a difference and creating a special bond and level of trust. Her first rescue, Honey, is a lab Pitbull mix and was originally a bait dog for dog fighting and later became homeless and only weighed 20 pounds. Lindsey and Honey have an unbreakable bond that cannot be matched. Since adoption Honey has made immense progress with Lindsey’s help and is now more trusting of people. 

Lindsey also makes an impact on the lives of humans. Lindsey is a primary caregiver for an individual who needs 24/7 care. She spends her days taking care of, hanging out with and helping this individual make progress towards more independence.

Dream job:

Lindsey is pursuing her passion of working with individuals with special needs and she hopes to become a high-school special education teacher. 


By: Taylor Ferleman