Cool Cat: Katie Geter

Nickname: Katie G

Why you should know Katie:

Katie Geter is a graduate student studying athletic administration. Originally from Georgia, her warm and inviting personality makes her the type of people everyone wants to be friends with. She loves roaming the SURC just to talk to people and hang out. When she’s not making friends on campus, she’s making friends at home while hosting parties as a Mary Kay consultant.   

Where you can find her:

Geter says you can normally find her in the recreation center, where she works as a graduate assistant for intramural sports, or studying at the new Winegars next to Jerrols. Geter is a natural-born leader, which is shown through her service to the community. Geter is the president of Rec LIFE and is a part of the SALT leadership team.

Her dream: Geter one day hopes to own a Christ-centered recreation facility in a lower income area. “I love encouraging people and being able to speak truth into others is important,” Geter says. Geter says she is best able to encourage and inspire others through ministry and recreation. 

By: Simone Corbett