Cool Cat: Karly Jo Harris


Karly Jo is from Aberdeen, Washington. Accompanied by her spunky little dog Gizmo, she studied Food & Nutrition Science at CWU with a specialty in Diabetics.


Why You Should Know Karly Jo:

In her senior year of high school, varsity athlete Karly Jo was bound to a wheelchair after a serious injury. Just four years later, she’s climbed the Manastash Ridge, represented the Nutrition Science Club as the Vice President, and earned a college degree with three terms on the Dean’s List. Resilience is what defines her, as she continually fights several surgery-induced medical conditions including fibromyalgia, a muscle fatigue condition, and an antibody blood deficiency. Karly Jo combines a strong diet with healthy lifestyle choices to manage her conditions, alongside her loyal little pup, Gizmo. She’s built a network of friends who help her meet her goals of everyday life.


Dream Job:   

After finishing summer courses, Karly Jo will apply to become a registered Dietician. Following an internship, Karly Jo wants to work in hospitals as a specialist in dialysis, renal failure, and diabetes. “I majored in the Health field because I’ve been there myself, and I just want to help people.”


Where You Can Find Her:

Karly Jo spends a lot of time with her family in Aberdeen. You can catch her working at the CWU Brooks library, kayaking with Gizmo, or preparing to hike Umptanum Falls. 

By: Tim Mitchell