Cool Cat: Garrett Lee Smith


“My name is Garrett Lee Smith and I grew up in Wenatchee Washington. I’m the eldest of three brothers. My major is Sports Business management and a minor in advertisement.”


Where you can be found: 

“You can find me at Winegars, running around the school, or at the pond!”


Dream Job:

“My dream job is opening a resort with my best friend Josh Penny in Oregon. The resort would combine dirt bike track, climbing wall, spa, sauna, pool, go cart track, and a garden that supplies the 5 star restaurant with fresh fruit and veggies. I’d be running the marketing and advertising for our resort along with many other tasks. Opening in 2020 with a Winegars in the lobby.”


Fun Fact:

“I can do a front flip off the ground and keep a conversation going with anyone. High Jump 6’4 and use to have hair. Yes, I am super positive all the time and more energetic then the energizer bunny…. all the time.”



Smith G, G man, Baldy, headband man, baldman, bald man special, SMITH G-400, That bald dude, That winegars guy.

Garrett enjoys using Snapchat and invites you to give him a follow at Smithg22.

By: Robin Thaemert