Cool Cat: Brandon Mansker

Nickname: Bran


A little about him:

Brandon, oh Brandon he is quite the character, someone who stands out from the crowd and who you go anywhere with and he knows at least two people.  He isn’t what you would expect with his outgoing, loud personality and sometimes ditsy comments; but who has also finished his undergrad in Chemistry in three years and is currently about to finish his first year as a Master’s student here at CWU.


Where to find him:

Though he may spend the majority of his time in the science building, from doing research, to tutoring, to being a T.A., he does have a life outside of those overly clean halls.  One of his biggest passions in life is volleyball, something that reduces the stress from everything he has going on in his academic life. Some may call him intense when he plays, because to be honest that’s what he is, but he just respects the sport and wants everyone to try.

From slaying it on the volleyball court, to slaying it on the dance floor, festivals and the rave scene is another love of his that he has. From Paradiso, to Freaknight, he tries to go to as many as he can with his limited college student budget.


Some fun facts about him:

  •   His favorite animal is a giraffe, which can be seen adorning his room and is the inspiration for his next tattoo.
  •   He was an Army brat, living everywhere from Colorado, California, Tennessee, Texas, to even Germany.
  •  He wants to do something relating to pharmaceutical drugs

By: Brianna Lidke