Cool Cat: Tyler Strader

Nickname: Ty

Grade: Freshman

Major: Aviation Management

Why you should know Tyler:

Not only does Tyler get to fly planes a lot, but he is known to be an entertaining person to be around. From his witty sense of humor, to his dedication to his field, Tyler is admired by many people. Tyler is involved with Chi Alpha, a Christian Ministry on Central’s campus. Through this, Tyler not only has found many friends, but he has also found a passion for meeting other students. Being an avid runner, Tyler tends to do several long distance runs throughout the year, including marathons. This is a primary hobby for Tyler that he hopes to continue doing throughout the years.

When not flying planes:

When he is not engulfed in his studies, Tyler can often be found in Holmes Dining with his girlfriend, or hanging with various Chi Alpha students throughout his week. This includes members of his “squad” such as his girlfriend Sabrina, Sarah, Ethan, Marisa, Onalee, Emily, and Silas.

By: Onalee Duhrkoop